For over a decade now, Mike has impressed me with his music. He is a musician with incredible dexterity, and has the gift of executing whatever sound he’s going after. As a friend and a collaborator, he’s someone in the industry that I’m grateful to know.
— Macklemore

After generating a loyal fanbase in his hometown of Providence, RI, Slap’s scope widened as one of his songs “Light Tunnels” was recruited by his friend and former musical partner, Ryan Lewis. Slap’s vocals were featured on the opening track of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis album “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made” in early 2016.

Before joining the Macklemore crew on tour, he released his debut single “Blue Blue Blue”, being his first foray into a capella song-writing. Showing a sensitive nature through his lyrics, while simultaneously maintaining a playful character, the slick pop song is evocative of the doo-wop era with subtle hip-hop undertones. The artist’s tender vocals are combined with delicate harmonies, a rich vocal bassline, and skillful beatbox to create a song saturated with soulful musicianship.

Going back to his roots, Slap followed up with hip-hop single and video “Inside of My Crown” and effortlessly grabbed audience's attention with his adept rap and polished production. The following single, “Break Me” was released late 2017 and was produced by Budo (also producer for Macklemore’s album “Glorious”). The electro-dance pop song was released alongside a mesmerizing video by videographer Rich Ferri. The single shot video is raw, and completely improvised, giving the effect of being stripped down to the core of an emotional  human being.