FETE show Providence 1.18.2014

...and then I wake up.

Last night was nuts. I remember a moment where I jumped out into the crowd and felt myself lift into the air. I went to raise my arm and there was something in the way... "What the fuck? That's the ceiling. Shit, this is pretty high to fall from now." I just kept singing and somehow I made it back to the stage standing upright. No one let me fall. I could stop singing and let the mic fall to my side and hear everyone filling in all the words. These shows keep getting bigger and better. I keep seeing new faces and thanking the universe for allowing me to experience this. I spend most of my time alone and working. Nights like last night fuel me for months of that. They are truly special. Eternally grateful.

As things progress, I would only like you to know that these things won't go to my head. That's not really something that's possible. I wasn't wired that way. I don't have fans. Just a lot of friends who won't let me fall.

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