For The Love of Song

I grew up as an artist.  I was mostly a fan of pen and ink.  I love black ink on clean white paper.  I'm also a huge fan of sculpture.  I love the idea of a final work.  Pulling the last stroke or carving the last bit.  Then you sit back and look at what you've created.  


A true artist knows that this is not merely the work of him or her alone.  This type of inspiration is much greater.  A work of the universe with you as a channel.  When I create a work, I am in awe of it.  In utter disbelief that I had anything to do with it.  Confused even.


When I learned to create music I was so amazed.  I think as social creatures, we humans really respond to voice.  I absolutely love writing and singing.  To hear myself back is always strange because it feels like someone else talking to me.  Someone with my same thoughts and emotions.  It's amazing to be able to hear that and the feeling has not gotten old.  I love creating songs.


I certainly hope that there are people out there that one day will enjoy the art I make the way that I enjoy music and art.  No matter what, I am happy to have had a life of art and music.  Thank you, dear universe.   



michael slavtcheffComment