Old Photos

Tonight I have been looking through old photos.  I hate to do it.  Those kind of emotions that get stirred up are pretty hard for me to manage.  I have so many incredible stories.  As I am getting older, I am forgetting some of them and that scares me more than anything else.  Old lovers, old shows, experiences, people I will never see again, tears, lifetimes... ouch.

I am a traveler.  I have always been.  I may not be famous yet but I have traveled on my own dime as though I were.  The year I was 19, I walked aboard 27 airplanes.  I forget all of the places I have been.  I often walk off a plane into an airport and I'm like "Oh, yea.  I remember that fucked up water fountain.  I've been to Detroit."

I need to start carrying my camera again when I travel.  Social media photos have no nostalgia to me.  I have no idea why that is but I don't feel the same when I look at them as when I look at a real photo.  I have missed some great experiences with my beloved camera. 

My life has been so wonderful.  I can't begin to tell you.  Shit hurts tho.  It moves so damn fast.  I need another lifetime just to think about what I've already done.  Yet, there's no time for that.  Memories are made every moment.  Don't forget your camera and your journal.

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