A New Year

Today is January 1st of the year 2015.  I am sick with a cold so I didn't see the ball drop and my nose feels like it's filled with cement.  Somehow I still feel awesome.

This past year was really great for me.  I got to visit Puerto Rico which ended up being my favorite place that I've been to yet.  I hiked mountains and camped with one of my favorite humans (thanks Maggie).  I slept by myself under the starlight in the sand dunes in my little tent.  I was on television, Billboard and some of the biggest blogs there are.  It was an amazing year.

Last year I also got back to drawing.  Many people don't know that  I've been an artist my entire life.  Music is still a newer thing for me.  I haven't really drawn too much in years so it's wonderful to have gotten back to that.  I've also gotten back to writing poetry which is my native form of writing.  A broken heart inspired a lot of this, but learning that I still have the capacity to fall in love was wonderful.  I'm so grateful.

I began recording new music and creating a lot of works that you will hear and see this year.  I am looking forward to it.  

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