Best Broken Heart

"I wish it would stop hurting." is something I often hear from a person with a broken heart.  You are hurt too much to see what an extraordinary gift it is.  The last time I had my heart broken, I wrote five albums.  I began going to the gym and I became the strongest I had ever been.  I traveled a bunch.  I was inspired to meet a ton of new people and go out and explore.  I read great books.  I found my ultimate independence.  I learned to love myself.  I wrote books of poetry.  I grew every day.

I reinvented myself.  I had the second best source of fuel.  Some people might sit there and let it burn until it consumes them.  The trick is to never do that.  Get the fuck out there in this wonderful world and find out who you are now and what you are capable of while you have that fuel.  It will burn up one day and you will realize you wish you still had it. You need to burn it!  With any luck, when it finally does you will be the best you have ever been.  Imagine being out in this world in that way!  It is how you will find the first best source of fuel.  Being in love.  Don't try to rush into finding that.  It will find you.  Because you will be fucking amazing.  

In the mean time, get out there and do everything you ever wanted to do.  Don't be a coward.  Don't waste such a wonderful gift.