Farm Dog

Last Friday I began a job as an organic farmer.  I wanted to try my hand at it to see if it was something I might like to do with my life and I can honestly say that it is one of the best things I have ever done.  I planted hundreds of sweet potatoes by hand.  My bare hands dug into the muddy earth.   By the end of the season, the work that I am doing will literally feed hundreds to thousands of people.  I have always been strongly connected to food.  I love food more than anything.  So this is an important part of my journey.

I can't understand how we have gone so far away from this process.  I've been working at a desk now for years and farming has come as a shock to me.  Where do you think all of the wonderful food that you eat comes from?  I mean yea, farms of course.  But that is just a word and a cute picture in your head if you've never done it.  There are people working their ass off every day in fields.  Mud on their hands and clothes, sun-burned dark brown.  Without these people, you would not eat. 

I was so happy to be working out there.  A smile ear-to-ear.  It was like I found something I had been missing.  Living a life where I eat everyday and have little hand in that process.  Just somewhat ignorantly consuming.  I am very happy to have gotten this insight.  Farmers should be paid as much as doctors.  I love my new job.