Bedsheet Curtains

I walk by a window and see that it's a child's room.  A poor family using a my little pony sheet as a curtain.  My heart bleeds.  That child was me and my sister.  We were very poor at times growing up.  But my parents knew how to turn shitty situations into the best things ever.  We wouldn't have given a fuck about fancy curtains.  I would have been psyched to have a dinosaur sheet.  What the fuck good is money if you don't know how to live.  To be as happy as a child for the simple pleasures like that.

I drive down a farm road and I see three young girls.  Maybe 8 or 9.  One is wearing pink pajamas.  It's only late day.  The other two look like outcasts as well.  Like life is so hard.  Walking on a farm and having problems like you have to be home before dark but you want to hang out still.  My heart bleeds.  We used to play hide and seek in the summer all night.  The things you had didn't mean shit and we knew it then.  We didn't even need to think about it too much.  You are either playing basketball or making weapons out of sticks in a tree fort.  You can't wear fancy shoes in a tree fort and you can run faster barefoot.

The best times I have ever had were when I was fucking broke.  When I had nothing.  The most love I have ever felt came from hardship.  The best my mind has ever been was when I could look at complete shit like it was treasure.   I don't want your bullshit riches if it means I'll ever forget that.  I want my hands dirty.  I want to walk among real people.  I want to know how to live.  Like every moment is ready for a mischievous smile.  Like dinosaur sheets will make a fine curtain.