Betting Against Yourself

Most of the time when people speak to me about things they'd love to do, it starts with reasons why they cannot.  "I'd love to be a singer but I could never sing on stage in front of people."  This is what I call betting against yourself. 

 In the music industry, I have overheard marketing professionals refer to consumers as sheep.  You may find this offensive until you see the truth in it.  We are fed something from the "taste-makers" and we immerse ourselves in those words, styles, ideas.  We base our lives on that.  When Kanye says "cray" it echoes from our mouths.  That's just music but this happens in many places and ways.  We think we are so intelligent and free and powerful but the vast majority of people are sheep.  Here's the interesting thing: given the choice, we always keep it that way.  Even those people with brilliant ideas and talents and wisdom.  At the end of their wise rants, they go to sleep and wake up to bet against themselves.

We have this idea that our idols and leaders are special.  There is this false faith in most of our systems.  It could be that in some ways they are special, but I think there's more to it.  Let's take music because its something I know well.  Jenny is a singer.  She's got a great voice but you know five people who are not famous who are better than her.  Thing is, Jenny never bets against herself.  The idea that she can't do something is not wired into her brain.  So she just does it.  The five people you know who are better than her don't believe in themselves.  Look at politics.  Everyone thinks they know about politics and speaks boldly about how the world should be.  But they'll NEVER run for president.  This is the reason why we have unqualified and ridiculous candidates.  Because the very qualified people don't believe in themselves much of the time.

You see, BELIEF looks and feels like success.  When someone believes in themself, others will eventually too.  Sometimes instantaneously.  Although the lack of true talent or wisdom can prolong their attainment of success, we have all seen empty persons rise above the herd.  Sometimes it starts with them being our joke until they prosper and we become our own joke.  So it's all belief.

Yes, I am extremely fortunate to have had great parents.  That has set me up for believing in myself.  In fact, growing up, I never really had idols.  I might see a great artist and be inspired, but in my soul I believed, I knew, that I could do everything they did and then better.  Though my life has at times been competitive, I don't strive to compete.  I just feel like there is literally nothing I can't do.  I've never proved myself wrong.  That's because I know absolutely that it's true.  Even when I lose I've won.  I try to never bet against myself.  I accomplish something wonderful and that just further solidifies my belief system.

This may seem cocky of me, but more than likely, if it does, you're just working with a sheep mentality.  That's betting against me.  Betting against others IS betting against yourself.  It's cyclical.  Unless you're strategically betting against someone to get them to prove themselves, the idea of betting against someone is one of the most horrible things I can imagine.  There's no good reason for this.  It just keeps people as sheep.  We disgustingly police ourselves In that way.  We don't want someone believing in themselves too much.  It keeps us from having to believe in ourselves.  It's funny because it seems hard to believe in yourself but it's a lot more effort to bet against yourself.  You'd be ignoring purpose, and that will cause any human internal struggles that will destroy them.  Even if someone believes that they can do something awful, we have seen what a mistake it is to bet against them and be proven wrong.  On top of that, if you believe in yourself, and then believe in others, that will come right back around to them believing in you.   So truly betting against has little or no value.

Liberation is about believing in yourself.  Even if you had no right arm, you can believe you can raise your right hand.  That may seem ridiculous until someone develops a prosthetic limb that uses nerve impulses to trigger to lift it up.  You see?  But imagine the people who would bet against that before that technology existed and tell you it may even be toxic to believe such things.  There's never a time to bet against yourself.  Even if you have four hours to live and you are 16, it is better to believe that you can become a doctor and die trying than it is to bet against yourself.  It only take one idea to drastically change the entire world.  To think that there was once a time when there we no automobiles and then a man developed the combustion engine.  Imagine if he didn't believe in himself.  I'm not saying a soul needs to strive unnecessarily, but true purpose should not be ignored or bet against.

I want to finish this by saying that in knowing the power of believing in yourself, you should try to use it for good and the welfare of all living things.  Always.  Good is not one good deed.  It's a lifetime.  There is a social responsibility that comes with power.  Also, one does not need to strive for anything but what they feel is their purpose.  Some will become famous writers and some wonderful parents.  There is no difference in the end as long as you believe in yourself and love.