I’m no saint. I’m no human.

There was a snapping turtle on the highway.  As soon as I saw it, I pulled my car to the side and ran into the road.  Car after car continued to drive over the turtle, and with every one, my heart sank.  When I got to the turtle, people just looked annoyed at me.  The turtle looked alive, head tucked in, terrified.  Luckily no low cars or tires went over it.  Another man got out to help me as the turtle was like a foot diameter trying to bite at me as I picked it up.  I got it off the road and then Cake and I put it in a tarp and trekked it into the woods away from the road.  

The thing I don’t understand is, how the hell do people keep driving?  Just driving over it as a life lies there frightened and in peril.  What the hell is wrong with us?  If it was a human, which live as long as some turtles, would we drive over it so we’re not inconvenienced or late?  We are sick.  

We save up for the law fast cars that ruin the environment when we don’t need them.  We buy bigger and fancier cars to compensate for our insecurities.  We waste money on rims and dumb shit that means NOTHING.  All so we can drive around like cowards who won’t set foot in harm’s way to save a life.  If a human ever lay in the highway, people would be twisted with emotional trauma, but we just keep driving over the turtle.  

Don’t call me a saint or say that I’m brave.  I’m just aware.  Sometimes that sucks.  We should all be brave enough to say or do the right thing to save lives.